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PT100/PT1000 are one of the RTD (resistance temperature detectors). They are sensors used to measure temperature. The metal platinum (pt) has an accurate resistance/temperature relationship which is used to provide an indication of temperature. Due to its high accuracy, large measuring range, good reproducibility and stability, etc. That are widely used in medium temperature (-200 ℃ ~ 850 ℃) in the range of temperature measurement. Standard Sensors are available from many manufacturers with various accuracy specifications and numerous packaging options to suit most applications. Unlike thermocouples, it is not necessary to use special cables to connect to the sensor.
The principle of operation is to measure the resistance of a platinum element. The most common type (PT100) has a resistance of 100 ohms at 0 °C and 138.4 ohms at 100 °C. There are also PT1000 sensors that have a resistance of 1000 ohms at 0 °C.


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