PT1000 Temperature Sensor BX-PT1000-12

Temperature Sensor: PT1000

Probe Length: 30mm / 50mm / 100mm / 150mm (thread included) or Customized

Tolerance type: Class A or Class B

Reading range: -50 to 400 ° C


PT1000 is one kind of RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detector). Pt means Platinum, 1000 is the resistance in Ohm of the Pt1000 at 0 °C. The resistance changes (fearly linear) with temperature. So by measuring the resistance we can calculate the temperature.

Characteristics :

  • Temperature sensor: Pt1000
  • Tolerance type: Class B.
  • Reading range: -50 to 400 ° C
  • Probe tip length: 30mm / 50mm / 100mm / 150mm (thread included) or customized
  • Cable: 3-core PVC insulated copper wire, TPE,Silicon,PTFE or Customized
  • Cable Size: 22AWG,24AWG,26AWG,28AWG or Customized
  • Connector Type: U type, 2Pin-XH/YH/EH/SH/PH/VH,2Pin-2510 or Customized


Tests we do:

Insulation test in ambient temperature (>5000M Ω with2500 Vdc)

Dielectric strength into water (with 5000 Vac for 60seconds)


for temperature monitoring, control and switching in windings, bearings, machines, motors, transformers and many other industrial applications.